Thursday, July 1, 2010

Latest designs

Here is a very cute matching baby gift set for a little girl - a heart bib and letter shirt, all in the blue/multi-colored printed fabric. The cost for the bib is $12 and the shirt is $20. Please email me if you're interested in buying something similar - I love to do custom things! Just click on "fabric choice" to the right of this column for inspiration :)

Pinking Shears!

Have you ever used pinking shears before? I always wanted to use them on fabric, but I never tried. So I bought a good quality pair and finally got around to cutting out fabric with them and I love the results! Here are some new pieces of clothing I've done using the scissors. With the zigzag edge of the fabric, I use a different stitch on the sewing machine. If you want to purchase a similar shirt/onesie, they are all $20. Please email me at:

Initial Onesie

Here is a little "J" onesie I made for a baby girl. I used the pink/brown damask fabric for this. The cost is $20 for something similiar. Please email me at: for more info! Thanks :)

Initial Shirt

I made this for a new baby boy, "R", using a blue shirt and a mod blue/brown retro pattern! Love it. If you're interested in something similiar, please email me at: The cost of the shirt is $20. Thanks.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Baby Gift Set

I just made this adorable gift set for a new baby girl with a "c" as her initial. The set consists of bloomers, shirt, and a bib - all with the coordinating pink/brown fabric. If you like, I can make this set with most fabric on my blog. I have different colored shirts also. The cost is: $20 for the shirt, $12 for the bib, and $12 for the bloomers. If you purchase a set like this all together, I give a $5 discount! Please email me at: RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM for more info.

I'm back!

Sorry it took me so long to write a new post - here's some cute "D" initial overalls I made for a little boy for his birthday.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Check out kidandcaboodle's blog for a great post about sewbaby!

New Birthday Shirt

Here is a new birthday shirt I made for a little girl turning 2 years old! I used a pink gingham check fabric for the background circle and a pink/green stripe fabric for the number. I think her mom is pairing this shirt with pink leggings - so cute! Happy birthday, L! If you're interested in having me make a similar shirt, this one costs $31 (includes the trim)..or $28 without the trim. RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Pink shirt!

Check out this new pink color I used for a girly "z" shirt - complete with retro floral pique fabric and matching turquoise ricrac. The price for this is $23. If you'd like a similar shirt, please email me at: RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM Thanks!

Letter Bib

I can now do initial letters on bibs! Here is an example - I did this for a three month old boy whose name starts with an L. I used the new star fabric for the design. Cost is $12. Email me at: RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM if you'd like a similar one!

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Fabrics

I recently bought some new fabrics! I have some chenilles, soft pink minky, baseballs, watercolor, boy blue design, and cherries. Have fun looking!

Latest Nautical Gift Set

Ah, the nautical gift set is sooo popular! I made this last week for a new baby boy. It's a coordinating "H" shirt, star pants (on the tush), and tie bib. I think his parents will love it for him! If you're interested in something like this, each piece is priced individually at $20 for the shirt, $20 for the pants, and $12 for the bib. If you buy it as a set, there's a $5 discount. Email me at: RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM for more info. Thanks!


Since we live in NYC, every toddler here has almost the same exact doll stroller in their house. When we go to the playground, all the toddlers like to bring these strollers and walk around with them. So cute, but it's hard to differentiate between everyone's! So I decided to update my daughter's with a cute initial made out of fabric. What do you think? If you live in NYC and want a similar one, I can do one for you too! Plenty of fabric choices. Just email me at: RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM for more info.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shirts in COLOR! Plus, a new fabric...

I found a great source to buy shirts and onesies in great colors! So now I can offer you clothing in the following colors:

light blue (pictured)
light green
dark sky blue
light pink
butter yellow
dark pink

Pictured below is the light blue color with a new STAR fabric. Enjoy! Email me at: RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM for more info. The price of this shirt is $20.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Some new things!

I made a special "2" shirt for a little girl - I used the new flower fabric, pink gingham and pink rick rack. Then I made a polka dot tie shirt for her little brother. Please email me at: RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM for more info if you'd like something similar. Thanks!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nautical outfit

This set consists of a matching onesie and pair of pants - both have the nautical anchor print which I love! The star is appliqued onto the tush. So cute! Email me at: RACHEL20@GMAIL.COM for more info if you'd like me to make you something similar. This gift set costs $40, but discounts are available!

Twin outfits

Two little twins, a boy and a girl, were born last week, so I was asked to make them some outfits. I made them polka dot matching onesies and bibs - star and tie patterns. Each set (onesie + bib) costs $32, but I can discount the price if you order over $35. Email at for more info!

New Overalls

Isn't the fabric on this so cute? It's the retro rocketship design. I made these for a new baby boy down in Florida. If you want to purchase something similar, these cost $20. Please email me at: for more info and other fabrics!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Fabric Choices!

I recently went to some fabric stores in the garment district here in New York City, and I picked up the following amazing fabrics! To see the rest of the fabric choices, look to the right section of this blog, and click on "fabric choices". I can use any of these fabrics on a baby's onesie, bib, etc. Please email me at: for more info!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New shirt I made!

Here's a photo of a very cute little girl - she's almost one! She's going to wear this shirt when she celebrates her birthday, and I'm excited that her mommy chose me to design it! For a closer up pic, see the post below.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Birthday Shirt

Here is a new birthday shirt I made for a soon-to-be one year old little girl! I used a new pink/green striped fabric for the circle, and a pink polka dot fabric for the "one". If you'd like a similar shirt, this one costs $28. Just email me at: for more info! I love to make personalized presents.